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Can Trump learn empathy from the children he cages?

Trump…and children. When Bob and I set out to write this book, we felt it was a stretch to see the morally ambivalent Trump through the eyes of children. And yet, here we are, now — Trump floundering with one heartless policy after another directed at children. Separating children from their parents, detaining them in […]

Now on the Shelves at Wellesley Books…

If you’re in the vicinity of downtown Wellesley, MA, be sure to stop by Wellesley Books and check out our book sitting so nicely in the “Humor” section. Here’s what we wrote in a Facebook post about it: “What happens when Donald Trump gives advice to children? Find out in the humor section at Wellesley Books. […]

Presidential Report Card Download

How to you think President Trump is doing? Is he displaying the leadership that children can aspire to? We have created a Presidential Report Card using many of the same categories used on elementary school report cards. You can download your own copy here, and send it to President Trump to help provide the guidance […]

Children Know: Name-Calling isn’t Presidential

If you ask most school children what the President does, they can tell you right away — the President is the leader, the one entrusted to make decisions and chart directions on behalf of all the country. And, uh-oh, looks like we’ve got a problem here if the leader is bent on name calling in […]

Can Children Help Trump Speak More Respectfully?

There’s a golden age — maybe four or five? — when children learn there are “bad words” and may begin to test them out.  Someone is “stupid” and, yikes, they realize they shouldn’t have said that. And, hopefully, as children mature, they come to realize that what you get out of the world is connected […]

Obama’s Lessons for Trump

Donald Trump has been criticizing Barack Obama pretty consistently since taking office, accusing Obama of wiretapping him, dismissing Obama’s policies on climate change, health care, and Russian hacking (of all things). And on each of these topics, Trump is either heading in the wrong direction or taking not a stance at all. (Is it not […]

The evolution of a cover

Rob and I hit the ground running after we hatched the idea for this project after the election. But it takes work to zero in on just the right image, and my credit to Rob for transforming my very (very) bad sketch into something that resonates.  You can trace the evolution here, starting with the final […]

How we got started

It was a few days after the election, and I was despondent. “How could this have happened? It can’t be real…”  Like I had been punched in the gut, and the future only seemed to look worse as we anticipated Supreme Court selections, Congress, healthcare, etc. On Facebook what had been cheerful posts from friends […]